Warsaw: a bridge – Varsavia – un ponte   Leave a comment

 This is an old apartment building being torn down to make room for new office, living and commercial spaces in the heart of Warsaw. The building behind holds the historical theatre, technology museum and others.
I had the opportunity to spend few hours wandering and looking around the business center of Warsaw lately.
It feels in between two cultures in a similar way to how Jerusalem or Istanbul feel – similar to how Italy may feel as a North-South bridge to a European person.
What exactly does Warsaw bridge?
Maybe "old" and "new" Europe in a similar sense to when US administration labeled "New Europe" Poland’s participation to the current Iraq war: Poland maybe looks at itself as a nation in a different and new way, and this shapes how it asserts old identities and addresses old issues.
Also, shops and public buildings feel more in between the former socialist ethos and world view and the current capitalist ones than in other Eastern Europe capitals. Maybe Poland is pursuing evolving new political and economical approaches very differently from other Eastern European countries.
However vague, it seems to me that over time, as countries such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Belarus and Ukraine evolve, Poland will turn out to hold the key to what will have made them different in world view as well as in economy choices.

Posted January 1, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Viaggi

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