Best of the year: business season’s greetings – migliori auguri di lavoro dell’anno   1 comment

Since 2003, as Outlook has become my full personal and business contact manager, I have wrapped up my business year by sending to all my contacts a very short greetings message, and opened my new business year by updating all contacts based on the answers I get, including both acknowledgements and failed deliveries.
What business value does this have? That is, what value does it have over and above that of all yearly life-over-death celebration rituals: "yes, I made it to the end of this year, what about you?". Well, after a few years I now see at least three:
  1. refreshing information about people’s roles, and getting a chance to look for new email addresses just months after the old ones have been abandoned
  2. showing people I have kept in mind what we have done together. Next time our ways will cross, they may keep in mind I do remember, and act accordingly
  3. showing people I have been tracking address changes over time. As more and more of us change jobs and otherwise email addresses, more and more people appreciate this and actually thank me for this.

From this year, there actually is a new point: what is the year’s deepest and most enjoyable greeting I get?


Two views of Istanbul to highlight this contribution from Turkey.

This year, it’s really a Turkish colleague’s that I have appreciated most. As my understanding of Turkish is negligible, thanks to anybody who may help me understand any jokes that may be hidden. I hope they are as nice as the rest of it is, so I can keep them published.

Here it is; I wish to any reader and myself to enjoy such a pleasant greeting at the end of 2008. 

Kahkahalar, yeni  heyecanlar, bebekler, düğünler, eğlence ve tatlı süprizler  olsun…

Wishing shouts of laughter, enthusiasm, new borns, weddings, entertainments, festivity and nice surprises


Tatlılar olsun kazandibi, tarçınlı  kurabiyeler, elmalı kekler, şekerli kahveler.

Wishing nice sweets, pastries, cookies, quality coffees


Buluşmak için telefonlaşmalar  olsun..

Wishing phone calls to get together…


Buluşmalar olsun, kavuşmalar  olsun..

Wishing get together, come together with loved ones


Kayıplar, depremler, afetler, savaslar olmasın… 

Wishing no losses, earthquakes, natural disasters, wars…


Kırgınlıklar, anlaşmazlıklar, ayrılıklar, yalanlar  olmasın…

Wishing no disappointments, conflicts, separations, lies….


"biz" olsun; "ben"  olmasın….

Let it be “us” not “me”


En önemlisi sevgi  olsun…

Most importantly “love” being everywhere



…-no translation-…


daha n’oolsun..

what you may expect more..


Posted January 9, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Computer e Internet

One response to “Best of the year: business season’s greetings – migliori auguri di lavoro dell’anno

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  1. Dear Gianluca,
    The most I like is your sinceriety, sharing your genuine feelings and positive energy. Wish all of your wishes come through for you and for your loved ones in the new year. I am truely touched by you appreciating the message in a very nice way and sharing it through your blog. I received several comments but the way you do is the best. Very kind regards..


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