Global and local – business abroad; Globale e locale – imprese all’estero   Leave a comment

After so many years’ globalisation – the current wave of it anyway – what can be new and what is established in opening up new organisations in new countries?
Any new enterprise needs to be as much new as it leverages earlier experiences. When you open a new enterprise in a different country from the one you come from, you need to be even more new than in your own.
I have been working mostly with global organisations: established in some countries, growing in many ways, one important way being expanding to other countries.
Most of this growth in new countries has been by moving business models across countries and adapting very little, some or very much.
Much of the adaptation looks like has been driven from local businesses, and the need to compete and cooperate with them.
As new ideas help do new business in new countries, how to balance innovation from local peculiarities with innovation from global practices that are new to the country where one starts?

Posted January 13, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Organizzazioni

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