Building trust with speed – cementare la fiducia con la velocità   Leave a comment

I have spent few days working with new colleagues on thinking up and starting new things to do together. These colleagues were new to each other even more than they were to me.
The whole discussion has been on what to do and how to do it. And we think we have come to pretty good answers there.
One key question remains open as we begin to work: how to get to know and trust each other? It’s good, first of all, that we have been comfortable enough with each other and keen enough to complete our work to raise this question in the first place.
We know from experience we will need trust. Stating the obvious, we need it to find resources to work together, to overcome challenges, to appreciate the returns we do get and to find more that we can get as we go along.
The same experience tells us that our different, complex organisations find much easier and more effective to work on their own in their traditional ways than together in new ways.
If I think of similar experiences before, one factor eroding trust over time has been the readiness to allow ever more time to achieve results as they proved elusive. As the belief that results will be missed grows, and we agree to allow more time to get to them, we implicitly deny our own best judgement and its negative assessment of progress. This suggests very strongly that proceeding quickly and acknowledging when progress will stop will actually raise mutual trust and allow us to work better together, even as we acknowledge some results are lost.
So, let us keep speed of progress, acknowledge delays and stops and manage them adequately.
Let us see how this approach will help making the current experience more effective than previous ones.

Posted January 19, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Organizzazioni

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