What to ask of Yahoo, Google and Microsoft – item 1 – seamless sharing of highly sensitive personal data   Leave a comment

Here is a very good example of what we all want the dominant players of Web 2.0 to work towards, for both businesses and consumers: 

What Google doesn’t get by ZDNet‘s Dana Blankenhorn — This is about the transformation and display of data.

For our purposes, this is about the "conversion and rendering" of data in the most demanding identity management scenario ever possible for the individual.

This is a great end in mind: as it sets the right perspective for a dozen intermediate steps that will be all the more compelling – for us as consumers and businesses as well as for their providers – by keeping this end as the overarching target.

Hope I can put together two or three more examples in the next few days to start connecting the dots. Watch this space!


Posted February 27, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Computer e Internet

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