Facebook service glitch – so what   Leave a comment

For two days – and one hotel online connection, maybe that was a factor – I was stuck with a "Gianluca is…" phrase I wished to change.
It would take updates but keep the text I wished to change, or a different text, rather than what I wanted to post.
Negligible? Of course!
Worrying? You bet! What if it were something serious?
Goes to show: let’s keep in mind it’s a sport more than anything else: friends and foes can tweak and hack whatever we put online of ourselves and much more – still most of the time they – and we – have better things to do.
What makes it special here? Facebook is a great platform to share services you like (yes, ok, ok, "virally") and get you to like sharing services. Better in fact than few earlier and more popular ones. So glitches here are more apparent than in many other places, and mildly worrying.

Posted April 13, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Computer e Internet

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