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Valuable internet-based support to the direct sponsorship ("mecenatism") of musicians by their fans – let’s call them customers.
go to www.tuneyourworld.com and www.calabashmusic.com to sustain the independent artists you like. Even better, if you are an independent artist, joining Calabash Music may help you grow an audience of consumers prepared to pay for your products through just one, and thin, intermediation layer or directly.
It has been argued that the crisis of payable distribution for recorded music (and other forms of art on physical, negotiable supports) leaves us with only one artist business model: mecenatism. That may still be the case, although both subscription-based and purchase-based online music sales are now thriving as services ontop or instead of (presently illegal) reproduction.
Calabash Music shows how the internet can help us make the most of this model, allowing independent artists and music lovers a market to establish contact in.
Note its role as an intermediary is as critical as an online retailer is for major- or traditional distribution-dependent products.
TuneYourWorld is an effort by this organization to gets its initial round of funding.
Or so they seem, let’s see.

Posted May 4, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Musica

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