Too smart? Carosello? The first Windows Ad in the New Campaign   Leave a comment

Probably best viewed on Microsoft’s site, at least for non-native English speakers like me who miss many words in the lower quality versions posted here and there.
As a non-native English speaker, however practicing and familiar with US IT and ad culture, I am clearly missing some of the language and the key puns.

Then I did read some of the comments on the blogs, and now I think I understand what may be the message: the lead is meant to come from Seinfeld’s opening offer to munch some comfort food.

Then the fact they walk away both munching, and get talking about comfort food – this peculiarly US notion – begins to make some sense. Even tying Windows (mind you, "Windows" – the logo is Vista’s, the name is "Windows") to comfort food.

The key challenge I still have is with "adjust your shorts" – and Bill Gates waving his hips or whatever the last punch actually says.

  • must refer to something that I am missing
  • will sound distasteful to offensive in many a culture, including some I am sure Microsoft targets here.
    In my personal one, for one, what this suggests is somebody uncomfortable with how their underwear if fitting, very possibly in a humid, wam weather climate

Let’s just say:

  • it’s very sophisticated (it even resembles Italian Carosello ads, 1957-1977, since it puts up a whopping one minute sketch, then gets to associate the story to the product in the last 30 seconds)
  • daringly plays with sensitive issues like daily cost of living and "minorities"
  • it’s completely US-focussed
  • Bill Gates plays it very, very well; still, choosing him as key role perpetuates a perception of Microsoft focussing internally

So, maybe it’s very good – and still, who will get it?

Or maybe it just has paved the way to the upcoming ones that will outsmart a million smart-ass bloggers in the world – yours truly included.


Posted September 6, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Computer e Internet

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