Enterprise 2.0 in Crisis Times – notes from the Milan Politecnico event – 2   Leave a comment

The first panel discussion, with speakers from large businesses that have practiced this, turns out more convincing than introductory keynote speeches. The value of injecting 2.0 collaboration patterns in the enterprise appears much more credible from them.

However mediated and embellished, specific real life experiences have a completely different impact from polls and conclusions drawn from polls.

Some lessons:

  • fostering innovative work patterns in highly regulated organizations – like banks, production processes – is clearly challenging, starts out of core processes first
  • use patterns and tools for real work, idle use of tools and patterns around work is whitewash
  • if you touch consumers – and we all do – 2.0 is now. If you hire employees, and all will, too
  • enterprise 2.0 technologies as disruptive and organization-wrenching as PC adoption

Reminds me of the old Apple ad with the company board startled at watching employees walk out with their personal computers. Their, personal, computers.

The second panel discussion, among IT vendors and services companies, is unimpressive.  Asks I welcome:

  • set aside 2.0 slogans and get going – Enterprise 2.0 is just modern enterprise
  • pay the same attention to employees as you do to customers – that’s when employee empowerment will make sense, including 2.0 work patterns

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