Enterprise 2.0 in Crisis Times – notes from the Milan Politecnico event   Leave a comment

Everybody and their neighbour is here. Mostly gray suits – and grizzly hair, of course: baby boomers obviously bent on driving our way yet another wave, trend, meme.

Ladies are comparatively frequent (10 per cent, perhaps) and younger. A faint blink of diversity – good.

Few key lessons from the results of the survey being presented to introduce the debate (Mariano Corso, Stefano Mainetti):

  • Enterprise change is driven by individual’s adoption of 2.0 tools and practices
  • IT architecture impacts are significant, full support is possible now with significant vendor engagement
  • In the end business and organization will change
  • Crisis – too valuable to be wasted – will help accept, then drive, then sustain structural change paid by short term benefit

Looking at my business, I do see some points strongly validated:

  • impact of individual user adoption – see the company having been taken by storm by IM irresistibly pushed by executive assistants, just few years ago
  • this view very much supports our company’s Technology Vision issued in 2007, 2008 and now 2009 – we read it there first
  • much of what we wrote and understand has been slow in coming: within the organization and with our clients
  • crisis will help

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