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At family reunions it’s always the remote cousins that left the nest long ago and got around who are best at seeing what you all are, back home, and what you have become.

Here is a valuable story – in Italian – about differences in culture between innovation milieus and our home, most notably the obvious Silicon Valley, Most valuable is probably Fabrizio Capobianco’s assessment of the competitive *advantages* – mind you! – of the Italian environment for developing innovative software. “Da noi si fa il design dei vestiti, il design dei mobili, e il design del software…” = “Here we design clothing, we design furniture, and we design software"…”

Some clichés, but refreshing all the very same.

I like to think I work for a business that has proven, in a very, very different way, the same point.

Thanks, Marco, for pointing this out on fb. Now, let’s use this to drive innovation our ways and wrench this country from the dogs.


Posted March 25, 2009 by Gianluca Marcellino in Uncategorized

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