Lawrence Lessig at “Meet the Media Guru”   Leave a comment

Here is what I got from yesterday’s Meet the Media Guru meeting:

  • A long, well phrased, argument that dependency on money conditions politics which then fosters people’s mistrust in the political institutions.
  • At the end, an apology of the internet as a two-way communication platform bringing back to people the power to mobilize and challenge authority long lost with broadcast media (recorded music, really, before radio and TV)
  • Within it, a tantalizing hint that some of the features making the internet free are essential for this mobilization and empowerment role. I noted down three – free software, free network and generative application platforms – and I know I skipped one.

What I came looking for and I am still missing: what are these features, what makes them good to empower people participation and mobilization, how best to defend them against would-be and actual, hapless or hapful regulators?

I understand Mr. Lessig has moved on from fighting for the net to fighting for independency of politics from money (corruption). This effort makes him less relevant to the context of free net defense he was summoned to contribute.

Even in its own right, his money-independency argument is well put for the United States, where lobbying is legal and the case needs to be made that politicians, institutions and citizens are better off with lobbying-independent, money-independent politics.

In Italy, monies to politicians are illegal per se, and the assumption of value and lawfulness behind lobbying is completely beside the point.

Looking forward to better occasions to help defend free internet.


Posted March 27, 2009 by Gianluca Marcellino in Uncategorized

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