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Our regional and global business owners for our first joint focus domain have met in person. We shared scope of this domain and what is new in our new global and local direction that will help drive this. From earlier case-specific contacts and experiences we derived expectations for programmatic cooperation. Finally, we have agreed to fulfill them going forward.

Earlier experiences indicate that to achieve the results we envision we will need special resources, more than each of our teams currently expects.

In this perspective, the main result we have achieved so far is clarity, even more than agreement, on what we want to do. This will help us request and obtain the resources we will need whenever we will discover that need.

What of all this may have been specific of the local context, so that meeting in Dubai has made and will make a difference?

  • The history of earlier local contacts, and the opportunity to clarify what is being consistent and what is being different from earlier experiences
  • Individuals, who will be engaged in our cooperation today and have established personal rapport that will help us going forward
  • Business practices of this region, that some individuals engaged know thoroughly, on both sides, and others perceive.
    Meeting in person in Dubai implicitly leverages these specifics as part of the common ground to build upon.

The ultimate measure of the value of meeting in person, and in the region, will be how these points will help us overcome the barriers we will find, when they will surprise most. Time and our actions will tell.

In terms of personal experience, I see two factors that have helped us establish this starting point:

  • a perception of overall stability and consistency in how Dubai and Emirates have evolved over the last few years – at least from my own extremely limited perspective
  • the peculiar kind of hospitality that I perceive as part of business practices in the region

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