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The world of alliances, more than a few other businesses, gives plenty of opportunity to obtain, then seek to cultivate, more and more contacts.
Add online social networking, and you may well find yourself on a slippery slope towards collecting contacts for the sake of contacts, like stamps or PEZ boxes.
Yes, I have been there, and there were many of us. I have moved on since, and quite a few have yet to do the same.

Months ago, Lou Dubois published this valuable summary of how to make your social networking effective. As all good summaries, it articulates in one convenient place many good known points.

Plus, I found one new, powerful tool for focused networking: its classification of contacts in five categories.
The five definitions are easy to apply, with tangible criteria that make immediate sense. Most importantly, mapping my contacts to these categories makes it very easy to see how to gauge what they mean, and what I likely mean for them.

This drives a strong case in favour of keeping your contact network streamlined. A welcome support of what I had earlier experimented with streamlining my LinkedIn network.

As chance would have it, my experience and this article were just two days apart, even as it took me until today (and a useful twit by @FrancineAllaire) to connect them.


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