Heartfelt Thanks for Diverse, Insightful Birthday Wishes. Channel Analysis Here   Leave a comment

Richness and diversity of birthday wishes are two of the welcome side effects of online social networking.
Thanks, again.

One way to return the courtesy: a simple channel analysis of their sources in my particular case:

  • in person: 2%
  • phone: 2%
  • SMS: 2% [text messaging over GSM phone standard]
  • email: 1% [across corporate, business and leisure accounts]
  • twitter + linkedin 0% [these social networks avoid prompting contacts about my birthday]
  • corporate social network 0% [even as it does prompt contacts about my birthday]
  • facebook > 90%

Among social networks, people are obviously voting with their fingertips.


Posted April 28, 2011 by Gianluca Marcellino in Uncategorized

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