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Leisure Time, Valuable Business Networking for Alliances   Leave a comment

Leisure and business go hand in hand when you enjoy both.

I was biking with my wife this week end, for family business and leisure together. We stopped to consider how to overcome an obstacle just at the same time as another wanderer did, much for the same reason.

This was an obvious foreigner, if fluent in Italian.
Her request to take a picture of her prompted me to offer a business card. She shared hers and we exchanged some more details about our interests. Beyond wandering in the neighbourhood, that each of us obviously enjoys, our business focus is similar, and our similar age gets us reviewing priorities and approaches during middle age and a global business crisis.
As it turned out, all the three of us have a business in helping organizations do business together.

We have invited each other to visit and may well meet again. If we do, it will most likely for leisurely biking (and triking) together before we ever consider business.
Still, it is amazing how we complement each other’s business. The other wanderer provides a technical capability in South East Asian languages and business culture – delivered in our town; my wife may well need this in her business, and my alliances activity becomes stronger whenever a similar option comes to enrich it.

Assessing an acquaintance will be an exercise and an investment in alliances, as well as a welcome pastime.


Traveling and Meeting People – Good for Alliances – Surprisingly So   Leave a comment

So much, so obvious: alliances are a relationship business, and meeting in person strengthen relationships.
What is surprising?

Let’s start from the beginning: to make the most of precious traveling, I have sought friends and fellow alliances colleagues in my latest trips.

I have refreshed and strengthened personal relations, including with:

  • Alliances colleagues I have known online and first met in person thanks to these very trips,
  • Colleagues turned into friends that I had last seen 15 years ago
  • Persons that provided services to my company, that I am befriending and together we just thought up some activity together that it will be nice and rewarding even to try, let alone actually do!
  • Former colleagues who did my very same job few years ago and shared invaluable experiences on how similar and how different is what they do now. For some of them, I feel like what I do has changed more than what they do.

It has been an invaluable development experience for me. What has made this especially significant for alliances?

First, each and every person I met was surprised by this approach. Of course, positive surprise makes meetings and relations warmer and more useful.
Here is a reminder of the value of innovation and of personal touch. And a reminder that innovation is sometimes very, very simple and stems from applying very basic principles – such as my doing justice to the value of travel.

Second, in addition to strengthened relationships, these meetings generated new business insight and opportunity that just was absent from our minds before we met.
I take this as a testament to the value of alliances, defined as professional management of relationships to pursue value that derives from how the entities in the relationship complement each other. However simple, however small, this has been alliances management, and has created tangible value alongside the intangible pleasure of  bonding.

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere… where? Dove?   Leave a comment

In Moscow, sure enough.
There are so many places where international business cooperation is an exciting challenge. Moscow appears to be very much so.
Today has been a promising day here.
This is Paveletsky Station the morning of the next day:

 what this picture most clearly shows is why do I take so few pictures in the first place.

Posted January 15, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Viaggi

Warsaw: a bridge – Varsavia – un ponte   Leave a comment

 This is an old apartment building being torn down to make room for new office, living and commercial spaces in the heart of Warsaw. The building behind holds the historical theatre, technology museum and others.
I had the opportunity to spend few hours wandering and looking around the business center of Warsaw lately.
It feels in between two cultures in a similar way to how Jerusalem or Istanbul feel – similar to how Italy may feel as a North-South bridge to a European person.
What exactly does Warsaw bridge?
Maybe "old" and "new" Europe in a similar sense to when US administration labeled "New Europe" Poland’s participation to the current Iraq war: Poland maybe looks at itself as a nation in a different and new way, and this shapes how it asserts old identities and addresses old issues.
Also, shops and public buildings feel more in between the former socialist ethos and world view and the current capitalist ones than in other Eastern Europe capitals. Maybe Poland is pursuing evolving new political and economical approaches very differently from other Eastern European countries.
However vague, it seems to me that over time, as countries such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Belarus and Ukraine evolve, Poland will turn out to hold the key to what will have made them different in world view as well as in economy choices.

Posted January 1, 2008 by Gianluca Marcellino in Viaggi

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